Jan 282010

My name is Mimi Ford. I live in Tucson, Arizona, and have been a health advocate since my first child was born 26 years ago. I gained 50 pounds with my pregnancy so after Matt was born I immediately started doing water aerobics. I haven’t stopped since.

About 7 years ago when my youngest child turned 16 and I had more time and freedom to do things for myself, I started training for triathlons. My first triathlon was an off-road Xterra triathlon. I borrowed a wetsuit and a bike and off I went. I came in 3rd overall and got 1st in my age group. I have been hooked on the lifestyle of a triathlete ever since!!  For my 50th birthday this May I plan to do the St. George Ironman. My dream is go back to Hawaii and compete in the Ironman World Championships. 

I want to be an inspiration to others so they can work toward and achieve a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to be an extreme triathlete as I am but maybe to go and walk a few times a week. Learn how to do some strength training to help ward off osteoporosis. 

My biggest mission in life is to help others realize how they can benefit from eating a healthy diet.  Along with eating a healthy diet I have been blessed to have come across an amazing liquid discovery called Vemma that has helped me increase my recovery time and excel in the triathlon world.

Vemma has given me the energy that I need to train on a daily basis. Since I love Vemma so much I have shared it with others. This has allowed me to retire from my 27 year career as a dental hygienist. Now I am able to train full time and share a healthy lifestyle along with Vemma and Verve!  If you want to learn more about this opportunity you can go to www.TylerandMimiFord.com

Mimi finishing 2005 Hawaii Ironman

Mimi finishing 2005 Hawaii Ironman

Jan 142010
Fat and Forty? I Don't Think So Participants Lose Body Fat and Inches

Nancy Patchell with her friend Joan Hanson. Both live in the active adult SaddleBrooke community near Tucson, Arizona

“My middle sister was the athlete, and my baby sister was little and cute,” says Nancy Patchell, who grew up in the 1950s. Nancy was considered ‘the smart one.’ “As a child, I sat inside reading—I never played sports.  We accepted our roles and these became our personas. “

After the birth of her son, Nancy joined Weight Watchers to lose unwanted pounds. “I would go up and down weight-wise at least once a year.  She still wasn’t willing to exercise, though. “Nothing budged me from my view that I am not an athlete and no one was going to make me into one.  Many times I didn’t have the patience to stick with WW and would go for the latest fad diet.  I have tried them all.”

As Nancy aged, her unwillingness to exercise left her on the losing side of the battle-of-bulge. “I started facing pressure from doctors to lose weight for health.  When I read about the Fat and Forty Trial, I was unhappy about my looks. I even went so far as to look online to see if photographs make you look fatter than you really are.”

 I decided to give 6 months to the program to see if I could change my body, lifestyle, and attitude. Failure of the study would be my ‘proof’ that you can’t teach old dog new tricks.”

A rude awakening greeted her.  “My BMI and body fat analysis were horrifying. I had worn elastic waist pants for decades so I had no idea I was as big as I measured. “

Her re-introduction into the world of exercise wasn’t much better. “The first exercise class just about killed me in the first three minutes.” Others were keeping up and “I was having trouble breathing and every muscle in my body hurt. “

When the time came to submit diet and exercise records, drop-outs exceeded data received. Nancy stuck with it. “Having to track what I ate kept me honest.  Sure, I could make up data, but it wasn’t going to help the trial and it sure wasn’t going to help me decide if I could really ‘do it.’”

I liked that I could mix and match activities I liked and felt comfortable with.  I preferred a class setting to doing it alone; I like the camaraderie of a group. As I was able to do more, I started feeling a sense of pride in myself.”  Nancy took classes, followed exercise DVDs and walked. She discovered two new fun exercise disciplines—Nordic  Walking and Drums Alive.

Nancy’s body changed, too.  “I had to get smaller underpants—yippee—and my legs felt different when I shaved—I could feel muscles.” In just 6 months, Patchell decreased her body fat percent from 38 27 percent .

Encouragement from her husband and friends inspired Nancy.  Her friend Joan Hansen also lost body fat and inches on the Fat and Forty? I Don’t Think So program. She “gave me my first pair of non-elastic waist pants.  For the first time in my life, exercise is a part of my day.  She [Joan] and I are committed to keeping up with our programs no matter if we are in the trial or not.”