Swimming With Dolphins (Book)

Swimming with Dolphins celebrates the world of water, which has been my training ground for personal and spiritual growth, and, throughout my life, a constant source of renewal and joy. It celebrates my unique friendship and interactions with a group of bottlenose dolphins in San Carlos, México, and explores their intelligence, resourcefulness, and playfulness. This memoir draws on my experiences living as an expatriate in México and recounts how this life change enhanced my health and spiritual growth. It mourns the destruction man inflicts on animal habitats and the diverse creatures that share our planet. I call upon my readers to be mindful and responsible, and to protect and defend the wildlife that surrounds us, no matter where we live.

Now available for download on Amazon. Free on Kindle Unlimited. Here is a drone video Fred Elling took of the dolphins all around me. If you would like to buy a signed copy, you can order Swimming with Dolphins or either of my fitness books by clicking on the Pay Pal drop-down menu below. A $5 shipping and handling charge will be added to your order. You can e-mail me if you prefer to pay with Zelle.

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