Personal Best Stretch DVD

Susan’s fitness DVD, Personal Best Stretch: Move Better Than Ever, was released in March 2011 to help people improve flexibility and range-of-motion in joints. This easy-to-follow program is appropriate for most adults not confined to wheelchairs, contains clear instructions, and modifications for special populations.


Personal Best Stretch, filmed at the La Hacienda Club at beautiful SaddleBrooke Ranch, can be done in the comfort of your own home! Personal Best Stretch, developed by Susan Dawson-Cook, M.S., a nationally ranked competitive Masters swimmer and instructor at the world-class Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa, is designed to help every participant reach their movement potential. Whether you are an athlete, gym rat, or someone who wants to reach items on high cupboard shelves, you will benefit from this enjoyable and easy-to-follow stretching program.

This 40 minute program includes stretches you can incorporate into your routine pre- and post-exercise with detailed explanations on safe execution, modifications, and applications for different sports and activities. Included in this comprehensive dynamic and static stretching program are moves and postures from Qigong and Yoga, postural improvement stretches, sports-specific activities, and swimming warm-ups for the shoulder girdle.

“After a long day at the computer, I like to turn to Sue’s static stretches to help me feel relaxed and re-energized. Her dynamic stretches are perfect for getting pumped up and ready for a run.”Barbara Kanninen – Environmental Economist, Arlington, VA

“PERSONAL BEST STRETCH is an easy to follow program. I use it almost daily to keep myself feeling ready to face the vigors of the day. It can be done in it’s entirety or in sections that aid certain areas of my body that feel especially stiff after a workout. I find it very relaxing to take a few minutes at the end of a day to just stretch. It is a program that can be adapted to my needs and it is simple to follow. I would recommend PERSONAL BEST STRETCH to anyone wanting to keep themselves feeling their best.” Carole Chase – SaddleBrooke (Arizona) resident

PERSONAL BEST STRETCH by Susan Dawson-Cook is by far the the most comprehensive stretch video I ever encountered. It gives you a complete body stretch which can also serve as a mini workout session. The instructions are clear and precise. I recommend it highly for women and/or men of any age. Heide Vriesenga – SaddleBrooke (Arizona ) resident


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