Coming Soon…My DVD Personal Best Stretch

I am very excited to announce that I will be starring in a DVD, Personal Best Stretch: Move Better Than Ever, to be filmed next week at SaddleBrooke Ranch. Whether you are an athlete, gym rat, or someone who wants to reach items on high cupboard shelves, you will benefit from this enjoyable and easy-to-follow format.

This program includes stretches you can incorporate into your routine pre- and post-exercise. Included in this comprehensive dynamic and static stretching program are moves and postures from Qigong and Yoga, postural improvement stretches, sports-specific activities, and Olympic swimming warm-ups for the shoulder girdle.

The expected release date for this DVD is mid-February, 2011. The product will retain for $19.95 plus applicable tax and shipping charges. A 15% discount will be offered on all pre-orders placed and paid for before release date. For more information, please contact Susan at 520-572-0388 or via email ( Thank you for your interest!

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