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In August, I began recording meditations on the App, Insight Timer. Five are available on the free version of the app. The free tracks are as follows Renewing Playfulness and Joy Yoga Nidra Here is a link  Earth Meditation Here is a link  Melt Away Stress with Alternating Nostril Breathing Here is a link Waterfall Meditation to Relax and Cool Your Body Here is a link and Sea Swimmer’s Meditation Here is a link. Feel free to share with your friends. If you follow me, my new tracks should appear as suggestions on your device. I hope you will try this App and see what it can do for your life.

I will be hosting a Renewal by the Sea Yoga Retreat May 5-11, 2024 in beautiful San Carlos, Mexico. It is an easy drive from southern Arizona. To read more about the retreat, click here.

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