2010 Group Exercise Class Schedule

I am currently teaching the following group exercise classes in SaddleBrooke (at the SaddleBrooke Fitness Center and cost is $7 per class):

Monday 11:30 Conditioning (30 minutes low-impact aerobics/30 minutes strength training and stretch)

Wednesday 11:30 Circuit (class alternates between cardio and strength activities – high intensity, high calorie burn and you will be so busy doing different activities that the time flies) 

Thursday 11:30 Strenth/Balance/Posture (gentle strength workout with resistance bands with an emphasis on posture and balance)

While Yvonne is in Cancun, I will be teaching the Dance class (Wednesday, January 20) at 8:30 and a Stretch Plus class at 9:45.  I hope you will come and enjoy the fun! Your family and friends are also welcome.

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