Give Yourself Time To Warm-Up

It takes longer to warm-up an older body than a younger body, pure and simple. Sometimes during my workouts, I don’t really feel “good” until after the 20 minute mark. Then I feel ready to kick it up another notch (or two or three). The key to breaking through that barrier is perseverance. Eventually, inertia will be on your side (instead of on the side of your sofa) and you will want to keep going.

Here are some suggestions to help you win that battle that may rage in your head during the early minutes of your workout:

1 – Tell yourself I’m already here, I might as well stick it out.

2 – When you are feeling bad, focus on recalling how good it feels when you are warmed up and in tune with your body.

3 – Focus on thinking about how good you will feel after the workout: expect to have more energy, be more optimistic, relaxed, and have a tendency to be kinder to others.

4 – Focus on goals you have set for yourself (weight loss, better health, fitness walk or event). If you haven’t set any goals yet, please do so!

5 – Start out at low intensity until the muscles begin to respond. As you feel more comfortable, gradually increase intensity. In the beginning when muscles are cold, a high intensity will be perceived as much more difficult than it will be once muscles are warm.

6 – Finish workouts with at least 5 minutes of cool down and 10-15 minutes of stretching. When toxins are released from tissues and muscles are restored to their lengthened state, this will reduce muscle and joint soreness and discomfort and you will be more inclined to want to workout again soon.

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