Health Information – Censored

There’s a lot of information available online today. If you’re experiencing a health condition, such as migraine or fibromyalgia or diabetes, that’s what you’re looking for, right? Information that – along with the guidance of your physician or specialist – can help you understand your condition better and learn ways you might be able to improve your health status through natural or medical means. I can tell you honestly, useful health information is hard to find any more on the Internet.

Much of the information you read online is censored. There isn’t as much free speech on the Internet as any of us would like to believe. Authors are hired to write articles to support advertisers on websites and blogs. Some won’t share lifestyle changes that can improve health and that may even be much more effective than expensive drug treatments simply because they don’t bring in profits. Facebook groups disallow free speech – completely, blocking posts from any members who don’t support whatever the administrators are selling. I find this very upsetting. People who just want to get well are being deliberately deceived.

I have found the best way to combat this problem is to read books and scientific journal articles written by intelligent, educated authors.  I read book reviews, keeping in mind that some of them may not be authentic.  I devour the content and try to understand it in detail, so I can use my 30 years of fitness experience and my Masters in science to decide if it makes sense. I don’t trust that someone else will do what’s best for my health. Do you want to put all your faith in a doctor, a medication, or a website? Or do you want to play an active role in improving your health?

Don’t assume that the limits of improving your condition are confined to what’s being posted on a blog or in a Facebook group. Read. Research. Talk to real people who suffer from a similar condition and who don’t have any financial agenda behind what they’re recommending. Discuss possible lifestyle changes that have been proven to be beneficial for your health condition with your health provider. Keep reading. Keep researching. Don’t be afraid to make some changes. You can take charge of your health. You are your own best health advocate.

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